Pharmacy Fixtures and Dental Office Furnishings

Pharmacy furnished with the THINline-QS panels Product code: 004 Technical data
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Pharmacy furnished with the M26 contemporary aluminium system Product code: 003 Technical data
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Pharmacy furnished with the M22 wooden system Product code: 002 Technical data
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M18 metal and glass system (glass shelves, metal racks) Product code: 001 Technical data
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Pharmacy furnished with the TECNO cubic system Product code: 005 Technical data
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F12 pharmacy drawers with printed drawer fronts Product code: 006 Technical data
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Dental office concept - LD furniture from Norway Product code: 007 Technical data
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Dental office mini concept - the START furniture Product code: 008 Technical data
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Pharmacy Fixtures and Dental Office Furnishings

This section covers several product categories that are to a certain extent related. It includes fixtures for pharmacies created using standardized systems either in metal or in wood, while also special furniture for dental offices or larger dental clinics falls into this category. According to the finish and the price, pharmacy fixtures are divided into categories of the M18, M22, M26 types, TECNO systems and the more affordable THINline systems. These systems combine metal parts and various glass, or metal shelves with lighting, and the very upscale sophisticated TECNO stainless steel configurations. A separate subgroup contains the catalogue of the F12 special drawers and drawers with central locking. They contain organizers and dividers for the sale and quality storage of medications. Another subcategory is the designer LD conceptual furniture for dental clinics designed and tested for well over 12 years in Norway. This furniture comprises of specially developed furniture in wood, laminated particleboard, veneer, glass and stainless steel materials. The lines are further subdivided according to type into receptions, exam rooms, laboratories and clinic office furniture. Suitable for smaller dental offices and very well priced is the START modular system of dental offices. You will find mini receptions, exam rooms, mini laboratories and employee lunchrooms in this category. The furniture material and dimensions available are listed in the attached Product Data Sheets (PDF).

Who Are Our Furnishings Intended for

Generally speaking, the products listed here are particularly suitable for existing pharmacies or for individual dental offices planning a fixture update or wanting to expand their existing interior furnishings by adding new configurations that are already commonly used world-wide. Naturally, also businessmen and companies planning to open a brand new pharmacy or dental clinic may choose, rather than utilizing our interior design services, to order a specific type of product from one of the modular lines. At present, we are offering 5 product lines for pharmacies and 2 product lines for dental offices. Colours can be selected from the sample books available (also in electronic form) in the company headquarters or at our Prague office.

Advantages of Our Pharmacy and Dental Office Sets

  • The M18 pharmacy systems are all metal modular systems with shelves ranging from 60 cm to 110 cm in width that are assembled by the customers themselves. They come with a large assortment of accessory glass, metal and laminated particleboard shelves. Everything can be supplied both with and without lighting. Customers can also choose the colours of the shelving racks from the RAL colour charts.
  • The M22 pharmacy systems combine wooden structures made of laminated particleboard or veneer material completed with adjustable slot patterns for the attachment of shelves and many different types of cabinets or display cases. An interesting accessory available for these are illuminated signs for advertising images at the top of the shelving racks. The lighting technologies used here are either LED panels or fluorescent tubes.
  • The M26 systems represent a super contemporary pharmacy concept, using aluminium uprights with integrated lateral lighting and a very timeless way of attaching the glass shelves or cabinets.
  • The TECNO systems are in a sense used as pharmacy space accessories, particularly in stainless steel or chrome finish. Thanks to its sophisticated design, using the rods and corners included the customer can put together virtually any shelving configuration that is not even limited by the dimensions of the rods, only by the size of the customer's pharmacy interior.
  • A new solution added to the well known THINline panels (similar to the slatwall grooves) is a special deluxe version for pharmacies with printed (photo) panels, where the grooves will hold any load-bearing feature (shelves, hooks, acrylic holders etc.).
  • The F12 drawer systems represent a unique way to be able to have a large area for storage and sales of medications thanks to the fully extendable deep drawers and the ability to lock all drawers in a row or a column at once. Its advantage is the metal frame, which is not only extremely strong and self-supporting, but the surface can be covered with virtually any type of wood, laminated particleboard, glass, plastic or plasterboard materials.
  • The LD dental office furniture was developed in Norway under a 12-year supervision by the renowned architect Prof. Terje Lindahl and is mostly used in larger scale construction projects of new multiple-physician dental clinics. The LD concept encompasses all features necessary for a 100% functional operation of receptions, exam rooms, laboratories, x-ray sites, offices, lunchrooms and coatrooms.
  • As part of our development activity we also offer a less expanded dental office concept with a mini laboratory under the name of START. The very tasteful finish in snow white colour comes in combination with glass, laminates, acrylic glossy wall tiling etc.
  • We offer free consultation service when selecting the right type of furnishings and fixtures both for dental offices and pharmacies.



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