LOFTCUBE Designer Mobile Stores

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LOFTCUBE Designer Mobile Stores

Who Are the LOFTCUBE Mobile Stores Intended for

This development activity is one of the services we offer and consists of the delivery of the LOFTCUBE designer mobile houses that were designed in Germany by the Aisslinger Studio; our company participates on the supplies and logistics of certain structural elements for the project that are manufactured in the Czech Republic.   The entire overview of all types of the mobile houses available can be viewed at the German website Our company works in partnership with LOFTCUBE GmbH on the application of these small-area houses (from 34 m2 to 85 m2) as outdoor retail spaces that will attract attention not only to their unique and timeless appearance but also to their all-glass perimeter wall design that allows for the display of virtually any type of name brand merchandise.   The houses have their own metal load-bearing frame that is clad with laminate which can be done in different colour finishes, and all utilities are installed through one of the house supporting legs.The installation can be finished within 3-5 days on reinforced surface and it can be considered temporary structure in case of a simplified building permit. The mobile house can easily be taken apart and transported to another location as necessary. 

Advantages of the LOFTCUBE Mobile Stores 

  • Original, uncompromising designer style.
  • All 4 sides fully glazed-in with shutters. 
  • The base price includes the power, heating and water distribution systems and the preparation of the utility connections to be hooked up to supply mains.
  • Excellent layout lends itself to spatial customization of the interior of the store depending on the particular needs - partition walls etc.
  • Short time needed for the set-up and disassembly if moving to another location. 
  • We will arrange top-notch service directly from Germany and negotiate the most affordably priced set-up.
  • Free consultation service.

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