Design and Manufacturing of Display Stands

We are capable of designing and subsequently manufacturing display stands for retail stores or for storefront areas thanks to the computerized connection of CAD and CAM. Our product architects work daily with many variations intended for different types of uses in order to create a display stand with its own selling "spirit".
If a client does not wish to purchase one of the dozens of standardized display stands that we carry, we will create an interesting shape with the maximum storage capacity depending on the customer's needs and the stand's intended location - all that for an affordable price.
The process is similar to that of the design of the entire retail store space, with the difference that we concentrate more on the fact that the display stand must comply with several technical requirements:

  • Shape and design
  • Dimensions
  • Maximum load capacity
  • Variability and functionality
  • Storage ability
  • Material intensity
  • Production cost

These requirements are the cornerstones of our sketches, 3D modelling followed by the prototypes and the first unit to be tested in the customer's location. What comes afterward is the production run and distribution to the customer's retail stores or warehouses.


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