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We work with modern technologies and certified suppliers

ConTree Innovation s.r.o., an innovative, development, and production company, is a part of ConTree Concept a.s., an investment and project focused joint-stock company. The beginning of the joint-stock company's activities dates back to 2009. After years of developing its own industrial designs in the area of product display and sales stands and a production collection of dental concept, it extended its scope of activities in 2018, and ConTree Innovation s.r.o. was founded as a production and development company continuing in the development and implementation of the product portfolio of both companies. The joint-stock company focuses on passive-house architecture using wooden and glued constructions including PopUp system. The largest part of the innovative construction production was installed in Norway and Sweden.
Both companies are a part of LD, a Norwegian group of architects and constructional developers. With close assistance of designer Prof. Terje Lindahl, we implement new  innovative interior and exterior products, wooden constructions that are subsequently tested for our  foreign clients in our development centre near Pilsen. The largest part of the innovative production was installed in Norway and Sweden.

Company conception and philosophy


Our team consists of Norwegian and Czech architects and designers. We evaluate each project individually and run its computer simulation before the production starts.



The main pillar of our work are construction designs and preparing manufacturing documentation in 3D programs, such as CAD, Sketch Up, V-Ray. Each project includes the assessment of all influences on the functionality and service life of each product or wooden 



The company has at its disposal modern technologies for the development and testing of products and their subsequent use in semi-series production. For example: large format laser, CNC machine tools and cutting machines, presses, and shared workshops in Italy.


Our Services

The concept of our work starts at design or a feasibility study. The following step is the manufacturing documentation and production. During implementation, we keep monitoring compliance with all agreed procedures. Assembly in place of implementation is a matter of course.

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