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K•LINE aluminum sliding windows and doors

ConTree Innovation s.r.o. is a representative of the leading Spanish industrial manufacturer of aluminum balcony windows, terrace portal windows and entrance doors. The innovative approach from K•LINE emphasizes thin profiles, improved sealing and joining  profiles with the option of choosing from many colors. Insulating window frames are designed for double or triple glazing. The comprehensive approach of the manufacturer and the stability of a strong multinational company enable a timeless solution of a modern design with an emphasis on detail.

Basic differences compared to other traditional manufacturers:

  • reinforced air tightness, patented joint profile to eliminate the bimetallic effect

  • pre-installed lower sliding rail in the aluminum frame for terrace or balcony windows

  • profiles with reduced view profiles

  • posts width 40mm, side webs 66mm

  • invisible water condensate drains in the lower frame

  • width 28 or 32 mm for the insulating glass frame

  • faster installation at the construction site, without the need for extra costs for window specialists

  • the window offer includes double-glazed or triple-glazed (e.g. for passive houses)


  • custom industrial production with exceptional design and quality/performance/price ratio

  • production is carried out in Spain and focuses on clean lines and the details of connecting frames, slides and stops

  • slim aluminum profiles  emphasize style and minimalist  window frame

  • hollow profiles with solved thermal bridge

  • the frames are made as self-supporting, already pre-assembled from the factory, ready only for installation in building fillings

  • pre-installed sliding rail for terrace and balcony windows

  • needle roller bearings

  • the system is upgraded against assembly errors

  • built-in preparations for fittings and cylinder lock

  • insulating glass with a black frame and filled with argon

Sections of sliding patio windows

Section of the 2-rail design:

Section of the 3-rail version:

Quality certificates, energy savings and CE:

Basic features of double-glazed sliding windows (model KL-BC)

Minimalist design - MINIMA SLIDE

Innovative system of intuitive clicks

Entrance doors in aluminum or steel

Models of basic entrance doors:

Download documentation:

Catalog K•LINE (CZ)

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